Review: Mecca Bingo Beeston

Games of chance are highly popular in the UK, and none more so than bingo. While many people enjoy the electric atmosphere of the casino, those who prefer something calmer while still having some of the excitement of winning, enjoy their visits to the bingo hall tremendously.

Nottingham’s Mecca Bingo in Beeston is not your traditional bingo hall for grannies. It’s a colourful venue where you can play with hi-tech gadgets instead of paper cards. The table has an electronic inlay where you can keep track of which numbers have been called already. Each player inputs their number on a portable tablet device with a nifty foot-stand to keep it lifted while keeping your hands free.

To keep customers comfortable, they can order food and drinks to be brought to their tables. Since there are no paper play cards, there’s no danger of destroying your potential winning ticket because you spilled something on it. The food and drinks are all very well priced. Food is anything but fancy. It’s rather simple, but it’s satisfying and very good value for money.

If you want to treat your mum or friends to a night out on the cheap, Mecca Bingo won’t disappoint.

The Mecca Bingo website offers online bingo to everyone any time of the day. You don’t need to go through all the trouble of getting dressed and putting on your makeup to visit a club when you can play from the comfort of your home. There’s a rotating schedule of bingo games with winnings of up to £175, at the cost per game is as low as 1p. There’s an innovative selection of games, a staggering 21 in total.

Online players have other options besides bingo. The website has many slots and games on offer. All of them are equally as colourful as the rest of the Mecca brand.