Review: Dusk Till Dawn Casino Nottingham

Ask any serious gambler what the best game is, and the answer will probably be the one with the best odds. Since games of chance rely on the fall of dice to influence the outcome, you better stick to the ones that have the best chance of making you a buck. But leave out the dice, and skill becomes much more important.

Out of all the card games, poker requires by far the most skill. It’s not merely a game of chance. A skilled player can influence the course of the game and win even when a bad hand is dealt. If bluffing and keeping a poker face is your game, then Dusk Till Dawn is your home away from home in Nottingham.

The main game on offer at Dusk Till Dawn is poker and lots of it. Their main card room has staggering 45 poker tables. There are 24 television screens around the room, broadcasting information about their own poker tournaments, as well as televised poker games.

Elsewhere in the venue, there is a bar that can accommodate 250 people. While there’s no restaurant, patrons can order food from valets and have it brought to their table. Members also have access to free parking.

Dusk Till Dawn is a members-only club, which ensures that visitors are surrounded by like-minded players. Their dress code is on the relaxed smart side, so don’t arrive in your dirty gym clothes or construction site overalls. Stylish trainers are fine, but safety boots are not.

For those taking a break from poker, there is a casino area which offers a good variety of games. There are several slot machines with HD LCD screens. Table games on offer include Roulette, Blackjack, and three different card games. These are Ultimate Texas Hold ’em, Three Card Poker Stud, and Flushes Gone Wild.

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